Dinner at Landry's Seafood

Hunki and Punki

chrissxb, Canarsie and Traveller

Franny and Monitor

chrissxb and Canarsie

myefre (looks very excited to be in ELP), chrissxb and Canarsie


Juarez Trip

Mrp Alert

Test drives the newest model at the mall

Canarsie discusses the importance of fire safety

Franny is discussing a price haggling strategy

Hunki and monitor

Franny and Alysia wonder where the rest of the wagon is

Franny and Alyisa

Franny "Don't use that, it will ruin your hands"

Punki, "How do I get rid of this stupid bracelet", Alysia mesmerized at Canarsie's puns

chrissxb and myefre

Ajua Restaurant

myefre "What? They don't serve Caballero in here?"

Canarsie and abelscc, the camera is this way!!!!

Punki and Alysia

Ajua Restaurant

Hunki and Punki

WifeMpls & MikeMpls

Ajua Restaurant

Franny and Monitor

Ajua Restaurant

monitor and MsEverywhere.

MsEverywhere "those chips looks suspicious"

Mrp Alert and KLC

(Count the number of empty margarita glasses infront of Mrp Alert)

KLC and Traveller.

Traveller "Come on Canarsie, it's only food"

NO, I am taking the pictures here

Mrp Alert, Punki and Hunki

This is the reason we took the trolley to Juarez

Dinner at jfe's

MikeMpls & WifeMpls


Mrp Alert. Had as many fat tires as an 18 wheeler

monitor, platbrownguy and Mrs. Cholula

Isn't it great we are going to pbg's 21st birthday party on October 21st

Franny and Alysia Alysia, "yes Franny, that is how big the fajitas were"

Hunki, KLC and abelscc

Again, how did we end up in ELP?

Canarsie and myefre

You are not serious

Punki and Canarsie

Punki "Yes, that whole salad only had 5 calories"


I told you not to pee in my pond!

I can't believe we were playing the game while at the house

platbrownguy auditioning for Sideways 2


Dinner at Cattle Baron's

Canarise and platbrownguy

KLC and Alysia

Alysia, chrissxb, abelscc and Cholula running away

WifeMpls & MikeMpls

"jfe and that darn camera"

Mrs Cholula and Franny

monitor and Cholula

Cholula "yes, I know you didn't find any dead bodies and vomit, but Juarez is a dangerous place, and El Puko, don't believe all this non-sense, the people here are not really all that nice and the food is terrible. Excuse me while I go and see if the black helicopters are still chasing me"